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Knowing your exact distances on the golf course is crucial information that can help lower your scores through improved decision making.

You will first need to determine what is the best golf rangefinder for your budget. There is a big range of rangefinders. On the high-end golfers will spend around $500-600 for a golf rangefinder. Don't worry though, there are plenty in the $150-200 range and serval really good ones in between the two ranges.

Slope, Weatherproof, Ratings, and Accuracy all should be evaluated when making this decision. I prefer to be in the middle of these two price ranges. You get a lot of the preimiums beeps and whistles along with a name brand that has good customer service, but not having to pay for the top notch rangefinder.

If you are an excellent low handicap golfer you may very well like the high priced rangefinders. They are all great. Slope and wind speed can change your club selection and could make the difference between a birdie or a par.

I like all of them and feel that you can't go wrong with your decision, but I would make a list of features that you must have and then base your decision off that. Hope this helped!


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