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Buying your 1st Golf Rangefinder can be a little overwhelming. And many wornder if it is even necesssary.

My answer is an overwhelming YES! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced golfer, there is an appropriate golf rangefinder for you.


  • Speeds up play and every golfer likes that.

  • Very accurate yardage helps you choose the correct club and helps you learn your clubs distnaces while playing rather than trying to figure it out on the range.

  • Some Golf Rangefinders have a slope feature that takes into account the hills and angles of the course. You may be 150yards to the pin but it's all uphill and your rangefinder will tell you both. 150yards to pin w/ slope 160. That's a different club and without it many golfer would play their 150 yard club and come up short of the green.

  • Golf Rangefinders don't always have to be used for distances to the pin. You can shoot anything. Sand traps, fairways, trees, water hazards, etc.... The more information you can have the better chances you will have to make your shot perfect.

Those are just a few of many reasons why all golfers should have a golf rangefinder.

Happy shopping and good luck!


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