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Get your s on Amazon here:

This Golf Rangefinder landed at #3 in my Top 5 List Overall list.

It has all the features of the high end golf rangefinders but at a very reasonable price.

Reviews usually tell the true story becasue the consumers that are unhappy typically post more often than the happy customers. With that said, out of 400+ reviews that have been no reviews lower than a 4.0 out of a high of 5.0. That's strong!!!

To give this golf rangefinder an fair review I wanted to find some Cons for this product. I can't find any other than it is not a sleek cool looking rangefinder. It's just kind of vanilla, but who cares if it works great and saves you big $$'s. Maybe you can get your new driver at the same time with your savings.

I hope this helped in your search for the right golf rangefinder!

Get your Golf Rangefinder on Amazon here:



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