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This is an excellent golf rangefinder for the price.

Wheather you get the golf rangefinder that offers slope or no slope, both are great introductory golf rangefinders.

Currently, it is one of Amazon's Best Sellers. It has many positive reviews, mainly because of the price. I think if you have never had a golf rangefinder and you purchased this one, you will love it. If you have had other higher dollar golf rangefinders previously, I think you will be disappointed.

The main Cons that I could find on this golf rangefinder was that it is sometimes not as accurate as other brands. Most of the higher price brands vary in yardage by about 1 yard if when shooting the target multiple times. This device sometimes be off by 1-8 yards.

In conclusion, it's a great beginner golf rangefinder. Way more positive reviews than negitive ones.

I hope this helped in your search for the right golf rangefinder!

Get this Golf Rangefinder on Amazon here:



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