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Blue Tees Golf Rangefinders are fairly new to the rangefinder world but quickly gaining good reviews and and ratings.

Currently, it is one of Amazon's Choice.

Blue Tees has 3 different models to choose from. Each a little different from one another and designed to fit any golferes needs.

The main Cons that I could find on this golf rangefinder was some of the original products had some issues with accurace, but all these models listed above are no longer having that issue. Also, this is brand is still fairly new to the golf rangefinder compared to some of teh other big names like Bushnell and Calloway.

In conclusion, it's a great golf rangefinder and would not be afraid of it being a newer brand. Way more positive reviews than negitive ones.

I hope this helped in your search for the right golf rangefinder!

Get this Golf Rangefinder on Amazon here:



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