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GPS Watches


  1. Easy To Use - GPS golf watches are quicker to use. They are constantly updating your location via the GPS signal giving you the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green. Just look down at your wrist and you are ready to go

  2. Accuracy - Golf GPS watches are extremely accurate. When compared side by side with the best rangefinders on the market, they are very closely matched

  3. Shot Tracking & Post Round Analysis - Most golf GPS watches come with software that allow you to review your round on your computer or smartphone. You can view your score, shots per hole, distance of each shots. It very handy for the golfer that is wanting analyize every part of their game.

  4. Sky View Hole Layout - Premium models have this feature. You can view the golf hole layout, this is great for your gold course management to spot hidden bunkers or find your way around tough dog leg holes.

  5. Everyday Fitness Watch - Most golf GPS watches are everyday fitness tracking watches or smart watches that can receive calls, texts, emails, etc.


  1. Charging The Device - Charging the device can get old. The battery charge typically only last about 2 or 3 rounds and then you must re-charge it. I personally found it a pain. I would bring it into the house to charge overnight and then eventually I would forget it on the way to the course and be without anything for that round.

  2. Distances To Hazards - Getting distances to hazards can be difficult to use on some models and take a lot of time to get the data correct.

  3. Uncomfortable - Some golfers might not be comfortable playing golf using a watch. If you haven't used one, I recommend playing a round of golf with your regular watch and see if that bothers you or not. A good test prior to making a big purchase.

  4. Discrepancies - It's not very common, but it does happen. The GPS signal is weak or the yardage is off. It only takes a few wrong distances before you start to lose confidence in the watch.

Golf Laser Rangefinders


  1. Extremely Accurate - There is not guessing on the yardage to the pin. Just point and shoot. Now you know exactly what club to use.

  2. Quicker Yardages To Hazards = Laser Rangefinders can quickly get the distances to hazards, trees, etc in the distance. Anything you see can be shot. It's not just for the distance to the pins.

  3. Easy To Use - Simply aim at the flag or any other target and you have your yardage.

  4. Storage - Easily stored away in a bag and can be clipped to the bag as well. I bought a magnetic sleeve that goes around it and you can stick it to the golf cart for easy access.


  1. Expensive - Laser Rangefinders can be very expensive. If you do your homework you can get a great golf rangefinder for a decent price. Check out my Top Lists and Reviews to help you with that decision.

  2. Requires Line of Site For Yardage - In order to get your yardage, you will need to be able to see your target.

  3. Not Good With Shaky Hands - There is definately a small learning curve with it, but once you master it, you will love it. For example you may think you are picking up the distance to the pin, but you actually just shot the tree behind the pin and added another 15 yards to the distance. I 100% of the time shoot the distance 2 or 3 times to confirm.

  4. Rain Or Fog Affects Laser - Do not work very well in the rain or foggy conditions as the laser cannot reach the target.

Rangefinder Or Golf Watch

Both products are very good, very accurate, and very helpful to your game and the speed of play for the golfers behind you.

THE WINNER - If I had to choose and have already, my choice is the golf rangefinder over the GPS watches. I have owned 3 watches prior to getting my first golf rangefinder. I won't go back to the watches.

Here is a link to the Golf Rangefinder that I bought on Amazon:

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