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Get your Golf Rangefinder on Amazon here:

If you haven't already heard of the Bushnell Tour V4 Volt Golf Rangefinder then it's worth taking a look. This one is a steal of a deal and comes with a protective skin, CR2 battery & carry case! And don't forget the free shipping.

With thousands of reviews and 4.5 star average rating, golfers seem to really agree that this is the best golf rangefinder.

I persoanlly use this rangefinder. I love it. It does NOT provide SLOPE. That version will cost you another $75. I don't find that I need it very often. I also like the protective skin that it comes with. I used it for about 1 year and then upgraded to another skin that has a built in magnet that I can stick to the side of the golf cart pole. Very handy. Here is the link on Amazon to that product:

Performance wise this golf rangefinder is worth every penny. You will be happy with this product.

Get your Golf Rangefinder on Amazon here:



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