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These 5 devices were very close in my rankings. All of them have a buyers rating of 4.5 stars and over 500 positive reviews. The major difference is the amount of positive reviews. I will list the total amount of reviews for each device as well.

With over 1200 positive reviews this device is our #1 Golf Rangefinder under $100.

Key Features:

  1. 6X Magnification

  2. Clear View

  3. 650/900 Yards Laser Range

  4. Accurate

  5. Slope Function

  6. Pin-Seeker & Flag-Lock & Vibration

  7. Easy-to-Use

Get your s on Amazon here:


911 Reviews

Key Features:

  1. 660 Yards with Slope Compensation

  2. ±0.55yard Accuracy

  3. Fast Flagpole Lock

  4. 6X Magnification

  5. Distance/Angle/Speed Measurement for Golf and Hunting


873 Reviews

Key Features:

  1. Slope on/Off

  2. Flag-Lock with Vibration

  3. 600 Yards Range Finder

  4. 6X 25mm

  5. Waterproof

  6. Carrying Case

  7. Free Battery


687 Reviews

Key Features:

  1. Hunting Rangefinder Also

  2. 6X Laser Magnification

  3. 1000 Yards

  4. Slope ON/Off Technology

  5. Fast Flag-Lock

  6. Continuous Scan Support

  7. Tournament Legal

Get yours on Amazon here:


660 Reviews

Key Features:

  1. Pinsensor Support Vibration On/Off

  2. USB Charging

  3. Flag Lock Distance

Get yours on Amazon here:


I hope this information has helped you in your search for the right fit for you. Happy shopping!!


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