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Simply the best of the Bushnell family golf rangefinders.

Key Features that make it my #1

- 7x magnification Most have 6x or less.

- Completely waterproof. Most are water resistant.

- Magnetic Cart Mount

It is Busnell's most expensive, but it also offers the most to its user.

Get yours on Amazon here:


#2 BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V5 Shift Patriot Pack, Black, One Size

Key Features:

- 6x Magnification

- #1 golf rangefinder used by the Pros

- Magnetic cart mount

- Price is much better than the Pro XE

Get your s on Amazon here:


Key Feature:

- Fully Integrated Laser/GPS Display

The Hybrid is the world’s first Golf Laser Rangefinder and GPS combo device with a fully integrated display featuring both laser and GPS distances.

- Comes loaded with about 36,000 golf courses that integrates with an App to show hole by hole fly-overs.

It's like having a GPS Watch and a Golf Rangefinder. I love the feature but would add that this is almost too much information for the average golfer and not necessary. But knowing the distance to front and back of the green could mean the difference in which club you need.


An alternative to more expensive Bushnell's. This is their lowest level golf rangefinder.

Features it is missing:

- Not waterproof, only water resistant.

- No Slope Reading

- No GPS - Only the Hybrid has this feature.

This is a solid device for the average golfer. If Slope is important to you, then this is not your device. If it is not, it's a great deal for the money.


This device has all the same features as our #1. It's a great device, it is just last year's model. Making it a great buy because it will be a little cheaper than our #1.

The only difference is the magnification of this is 6x vs the new one at 7x. All other golf rangefinders in the market have 6x or lower.

Get yours on Amazon here:


I hope this information helped and happy shopping!!


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